Who we are

We are a biblically focused local church with a big heart for people. We see God actively changing people’s lives today, and we desire to see many more people come to believe in Jesus, put their faith in Him, and receive the gift of everlasting abundant life.

Our passion is to see lives changed, influencing our town of Pocklington for Jesus, positively impacting the East Riding of Yorkshire and the whole nation, and inspiring hope to a broken world. We are also passionate about being the kind of place where people of different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, genders or colours can find belonging, and being the kind of church where people can become more like Jesus and possess the plans and purposes God has for them.

While we recognise different people have different needs, we all worship side by side and acknowledge God loves us all the same.

PCF Leadership

The pastor and our elders are responsible for the day-to-day running of our church. They work hand-in-hand with the trustees who are responsible for the church building, the land upon which the building rests, and the legal framework by which we are governed.
Spademans Baziras
Alan & Marj Spademan Peter & Celia Bazira
Senior Elders Elders